Acquire a Marijuana Dispensary License the Right Way with Meyer & Kiss, LLC

Work with an attorney in Chicago, Rockford or Peoria, IL

If you’re thinking about opening a medical marijuana dispensary in Illinois, make sure you’re following the letter of the law. Meyer & Kiss, LLC can help you get a state license and legitimize your business. Our attorneys will advise you throughout the application process and handle all relevant paperwork to secure your medical marijuana dispensary license. We can also assist with the licensing process for methadone clinics.

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Ease the medical marijuana dispensary application process

Ease the medical marijuana dispensary application process

Meyer & Kiss can help clients in Rockford, Peoria and Chicago, Illinois apply for a medical marijuana dispensary license. In order to apply for a dispensary license in the state of Illinois, you must submit:

  • An inventory control plan
  • A patient record keeping plan
  • A security plan
  • A patient education plan
  • A financial plan

Our attorneys can help you collect the information you need and draft the required documents. Call Meyer & Kiss at our Rockford or Chicago office at 312-765-0100 or our Peoria office at 309-713-3751. You can also text us at 312-218-0963.