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Client Meeting

We begin each new client relationship by carefully listening to you during an initial free consultation. We identify your legal issues, and counsel you in a straightforward manner. We advise our clients on all options for resolving their legal issues. We explain up front how we will be paid for our services, so that there are no mysterious charges at the end of the case.


We exercise due diligence and investigate your case before taking action. Often this involves interviewing witnesses, acquiring medical or employment records, and reviewing court files and transcripts. We don’t just leave it at that, though. We go to the scene and examine it ourselves, so we have a firsthand sense of what our clients experienced. Thorough investigation gives us the edge – whether negotiating a settlement out-of-court, or in recreating the event at trial.


Depositions are a crucial opportunity for you to explain how an incident occurred and for us to gather witness testimony about your case. Before our clients give depositions, we make sure they are well-prepared to discuss the case and answer any question they are likely to be asked. When it’s our turn to take depositions, we thoroughly question people under oath about their involvement in the incident and follow up on any additional evidence they provide.

Settlement & Negotiations

After depositions and other discovery is finished, our team will be well-prepared for trial. But sometimes cases can be won without even going to trial. We’ll explore all possibilities of settlement and will negotiate to get you the financial compensation you deserve. We’ll always advise you on the best possible strategy, and no settlement offer will be accepted unless you are fully satisfied.


If your case goes to trial, we do everything to maximize your chances of winning. Before the trial even starts, we try to persuade the judge to only allow the jury to hear relevant evidence that is fair to you, and to keep out irrelevant and prejudicial evidence. We’ll consult you directly during jury selection, and choose the best possible jury. We’ll prepare you to testify by testing you on questions and answers. We’ll present evidence, question witnesses, attack the evidence of our opponents, and develop powerful closing arguments to give you the best chance for victory.


After a settlement or trial is concluded, we’ll continue to fight for you. We’ll keep track of compensation that is owed to you, and negotiate any liens you may face to make sure you keep as much money as possible. If the other side is seeking costs or fees from you, we will fight to keep the amount as low as possible. If you have a criminal case, we will move to expunge your record. And we will always be available to answer any questions you have and counsel you on new matters in the future.

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