Changing Illinois Marijuana Laws Could Help Your Case

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The state of Illinois recently passed a law that legalized the recreational use of marijuana. This could allow many residents to clear their record of marijuana charges. A marijuana expungement attorney in Chicago, Rockford or Peoria, IL can help you with your record.

Meyer & Kiss, LLC has helped many clients to remove charges from their records. Expungement can help you with getting a job, gaining acceptance in a new apartment and turning your life around.

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What to know about marijuana expungement law

What to know about marijuana expungement law

While the marijuana laws have changed, you still need to work with a marijuana expungement attorney to retroactively wipe out your past charges. The new law…

  • Drops the ban on possession of one ounce or less of marijuana
  • May apply to up to 800,000 Illinois residents
  • Removes the charges from your permanent record

An expungement attorney can help clear these charges, helping you get your life back on track. Whether you spent time in jail for marijuana-related charges or not, count on Meyer & Kiss to defend your name. Reach out today to set up a meeting at our Chicago, Rockford or Peoria, IL offices.